Varian is a young alchemist and inventor who appears in Tangled: The Series.


Physical appearanceEdit

He is a slender young man with fair skin, black hair with gray and brown highlights, freckles, two front buck teeth, and gray-blue eyes. He wears a gray shirt with a green patch sewn on to it, brown pants, dark brown apron, black gloves, dark brown shoes, and brown and gold goggles.

When Rapunzel and Cassandra first met him, he was wearing a black and gray coat and a gray bauta, which makes his eyes appear to be glowing a yellow-green color and makes his voice sound intimidating.


Tangled: The SeriesEdit

Varian is first seen when Rapunzel and Cassandra entered his home. He used a machine to test Rapunzel's hair. Varian also worked on an experiment to give the village hot water but the boiler system blew up. He was last seen picking up pieces of the wreckage sadly after his father confronted him.

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