Season 1 of Tangled: The Series premiered on March 24, 2017.


It’s just the beginning of happily ever after for Rapunzel and Eugene. As Rapunzel reacquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona, she comes to realize that there is so much more she needs to learn about the world and herself before she becomes Princess of Corona. With the help of her handmaiden and friend, Cassandra, and Eugene, she begins to find the adventure she desires right outside her door. Life is about to get a little hairier![1]





No. Title Original air date Prod.
1 "What the Hair?!" March 24, 2017 101
Rapunzel and Cassandra venture out to see a young alchemist to try and find out what has happened to her hair.
2 "Rapunzel's Enemy" March 31, 2017 102
When Rapunzel gets booed, she becomes determined to win over her naysayer, a little old man who is loved by everyone in the kingdom.
3 "Fitzherbert P.I." April 7, 2017 103
Eugene sets out to find a role for himself in the castle and decides to be a royal guard.
4 "Challenge of the Brave" April 14, 2017 104
Cassandra and Rapunzel enter the Challenge of the Brave, a gathering of warriors from across the kingdom, to test their courage.
5 "Cassandra v. Eugene" April 21, 2017 105
Rapunzel is tired of the constant bickering between Cassandra and Eugene and decides to send them off on a scavenger hunt in hopes it will be a bonding experience.
6 "The Return of Strongbow" April 28, 2017 106
When Eugene‘s old friend Lance Strongbow sweeps back into town, he tries to drag Eugene back into his thieving ways.
7 "In Like Flynn" July 23, 2017 107
In order to prank a rival monarch, King Frederic recruits Eugene to help pull off a scheme.
8 "Great Expotations" July 30, 2017 108
Cassandra is given the chance to be a guard, but only if she can complete her handmaiden duties in time.
9 "Under Raps" August 6, 2017 109
Rapunzel discovers that Cassandra has a crush on a mysterious visitor from out of town.
10 "One Angry Princess" August 13, 2017 TBA
11 "Pascal's Story" August 20, 2017 TBA



Teaser Tangled The Series00:55

Teaser Tangled The Series


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