Rudiger is a recurring character in the first season of Tangled: The Series. Rudiger is currently owned by Varian, whom which is his pet-raccoon.


Physical appearanceEdit

Rudiger is seen as having a monochrome shade of grey and black stripes, the normal of which every raccoon bears. Rudiger is seen as chubby one, with green eyes and only appearing with one-tooth. His eyes also glow in the dark.


Rudiger enjoys eating apples, spending time with his young owner and friend, Varian and getting attention from him. As he enjoys being petted.




  • Rudiger is a name in German which means "raccoon".
  • He is most likely the raccoon that was seen in "What the Hair?!".
  • Rudiger was not seen in " Great Expotations," although Varian was.
  • In "Secret of the Sundrop," Rudiger turned on Varian and then decided to go to jail with him.
  • Rudiger's name was first introduced in "Queen For a Day."


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