Queen Ariana is the Queen of Corona, the mother to Rapunzel and a main character in the Disney Channel animated series, Tangled: The Series.


Taking place six months after Tangled and before the events of Tangled: Ever After, Arianna is overjoyed to have Rapunzel in the sanctity of the castle once more. As her coronation draws near, Arianna reminds her daughter that the duties of a princess are important for both the kingdom and their family, despite how time-consuming they can be. Rapunzel asks for some down time, but Arianna believes it would be unnecessary, and that Rapunzel simply needs some time to settle into the lifestyle. Additionally, in preparation for the coronation, Arianna has upped the security in Corona, including a wall blocking the kingdom from the rest of the world. This wall, and her mother's overbearing nature as a whole, has Rapunzel feeling trapped and confined. With the help of her handmaiden Cassandra, Rapunzel crosses Corona's wall and journeys into the world surrounding it overnight. During the outing, she finds mysterious rocks that causes her magic golden hair to return.

Back at the castle, Frederic and Arianna talk over the former's paranoia, and this encourages the queen to at least rethink her methods of protecting Rapunzel. At the coronation, however, Frederic nearly becomes victim to a revenge plot headed by a pirate named Lady Caine. Rapunzel protects her mother and the other royal guests by using her hair. After Caine's arrest, Rapunzel explains the truth to her mother about the hair. In response, Arianna tries to explain the reasoning for her strict behavior, explaining that, after her daughter's kidnapping eighteen years prior, "a part of her died", and since then, she has been unable to shake off the worry that a new danger is always close by. As such, she feels the return of the magic hair may attract a threat similar to Gothel, and thusly enacts a new law that prevents Rapunzel from leaving the confines of the kingdom without her consent. She also orders her daughter to never speak of magic of any kind from that moment forward, all of which drives her to tears. Arianna, meanwhile, can only hang her head in guilt and disappointment at this, as she secretly feels she is doing a terrible thing to her daughter.

Arianna appears in the series taking place immediately after Tangled: Before Ever After, where she continues to try to grow and develop her relationship with Rapunzel. In "What the Hair?!", a week after Arianna and Rapunzel's falling out, it is revealed that neither of the two have spoken to one another about the matter, which distracts Arianna a great deal from her normal activities. Frederic urges her to talk with her daughter, but she refuses. In "The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth", Arianna finds Rapunzel's journal, opened, and fondly looks through her daughter's illustrations. She soon finds, however, that the illustrations are recaps of her daughter's recent, high-risk adventures within the kingdom. Fearful that Rapunzel will get into harm's way despite obeying her law of staying within Corona's walls, Arianna orders the Captain of the Guards to double down on Rapunzel's security. Rapunzel quickly takes notice of this and becomes motivated to confront her mother on her shielding. Upon arriving within her mother's quarters, Rapunzel finds the queen in a distraught state. She hurriedly embraces her daughter and professes her love for her. Rapunzel comes to realize that her mother's actions are out of genuine love, and in response, chooses to keep her feelings undisclosed by simply returning her sentiments.

In the episode " Secret of the Sundrop,"  Varian distracts the guards and kidnaps the king. He later reveals the king is just bait to lore Rapunzel to his lab. When Queen Arianna and Rapunzel come, Varian shows them the king, alive and unhurt. Rudiger helps release the king, who throws a sword to Arianna, who is chained up and would have soon be trapped in the amber that trapped Qirin, Varian's father. Arianna uses the sword to cut the chain and escapes. Varian later grabs the queen and Cassandra in a giant automoton-ike robot and starts to crush them. However, a black rock trips his robot, which falls backwards and Cassandra and Queen Arianna are released.


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