Owl is Cassandra's pet owl and winged companion in the Disney Channel animated series, Tangled: The Series.


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He is very loyal to Cassandra and is trained to follow her without verbal command. Per Cassandra's teachings, he is also an attack owl, having been taught to "go for the enemey's eyes". Unlike most owls, Owl does not mind being out in the day. He can also be very expressive with his face, scolding Cassandra when she lied about the Challenge of the Brave to Rapunzel.

Much like Cassandra, Owl is fairly distant, and even cold at times, especially towards Pascal initially. It isn't until Pascal saves his life as Rapunzel's tower crumbled that he starts to slowly warm up to him.


Throughout the early part of the series, Owl has only made minor appearances, such as training alongside Cassandra in "Challenge of the Brave" and helping her with the expo decorations in "Great Expotations". In "The Quest for Varian", Owl plays a more active rule when he joins Cassandra, Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, and Maximus on their trip to Old Corona to find the bronze Graphtyc for Varian. Throughout the episode, Owl acts very cold towards Pascal as well showing an interest in eating him. However, he did express gratitude when Pascal saved him from falling.


  • Owl is loosely based on a Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl.
  • Co-Executive Producer, Ben Balistreri, originally wanted to name Owl "Who", but Story Editor Jase Ricci insisted on just naming him "Owl".
  • Owl is not a fan of reptiles. He scared Pascal by showing the possibility of eating him.
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