Corona is an island kingdom and the birthplace of Rapunzel in the 2010 animated feature film Tangled.

Places of interestEdit

  • The Castle: This is the home of Queen Arianna and King Frederic, their daughter Rapunzel and later, their son-in-law Flynn Rider.
  • The Village: The village is the area where the actual residents live in Corona. The city surrounds the castle on the island.
  • The Market Place: It is in this area that Rapunzel and Flynn explore and dance.
  • The Sea: Where the residents on boats release the floating lanterns on Rapunzel's birthday every year and where Rapunzel and Eugene witness the lanterns during the song "I See the Light".
  • The Prison: The Prison where Flynn was held until he was to be hung. Flynn remains here until five Pub Thugs and Maximus help him escape.
  • The Chapel: The Chapel is the place where Rapunzel and Eugene get married.

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